Nebu Academy

Nebu Academy will begin enrollment in 2024. For now, enjoy our presentations. View subject tabs.

What is the Nebu Academy?

The School of Aten is a conscious academia. The school is for any scholar eager to learn new information that differs from the school system’s status quo. Our courses are unorthodox and dedicated to the emotional, physical, political, and economic wellbeing of mankind. Our school is for the youth and anyone else interested.

There are three components to our academia:

  1. Pre-recorded lectures: about the subject matter at hand. (Free and accessible to anyone)
  2. Live segments and workshops: about the subject matter at hand. (Accessible to anyone)
  3. Private tutoring and consultations: about the subject matter at hand. (Accessibility may vary for subscribers/clients)


The purpose of Nebu Academy is to make you think independently. We want all of our participants to think for themselves. The most important concept is to develop interpersonal and critical thinking skills. Participants can join any and every time. No attendance sheets. No suspensions. All love.